30th Season Update

Caleb Cabrera in Into the Beautiful North, 2016

Central Works: reinventing the theater, one play at a time

Dear Friends and Patrons,

We stand with Black Lives Matter, whose stated goal is to defund the police. Murders of Black people at the hands of the state must stop. Mourning, protests, and urgent cries for racial justice across the country, demand a moral reckoning from every one of us. We must not only believe, but we must act on the foundational principle that Black Lives Matter.

Please read our action plan in response to that moral call, and to the calls for action from We See You White American Theatre and The Living Document.



Episode 1: The Human Ounce by Nicole Parizeau
Episode 2: The Lady Matador’s Hotel by Cristina García
Episode 3: Bamboozled by Patricia Milton

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Without ticket sales, we really need your help to pay our artists and our bills as we work our way through this challenging time.

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