2018 Season


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written by Patricia Milton
directed by Gary Graves
Produced in: 2018

The Central Works Script Club Interview

Chelsea Bearce in conversation with Patricia Milton


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World Premiere #58: from the Central Works Writers Workshop

From the playwright that gave us the outrageous political send-up, Hearts of Palm, a new comedy about family valuables.

Inspired by a true story…Abby is an appraiser touring with “Antiques Roadtrip.” She’s a young Black woman from L.A. traveling in the south—Shelby County, Tennessee. When she’s accused of defrauding a Daughter of the Confederacy out of a fortune in Civil War heirlooms, Abby finds herself on the hook for a million dollars. Her legal team is flailing and her accuser is formidable.  Should she cop a plea? Or take a long shot for justice?

Bamboozled Production Sponsors: Ann Singer and Linda & Will Schieber

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Theatre Bay Area Awards winner in 4 categories: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Performance (Chelsea Bearce), Outstanding Performance (Stacy Ross)!

SF Bay Area Critics Circle Awards winner: for Featured Actress in a Play (Susan Jackson)!

Background on Bamboozled from the playwright

Chelsea Bearce: Savannah
Susan Jackson: Opal Anne
Stacy Ross*: Rochelle
Jeunée Simon: Abby

Dramaturgy: Victoria Evans Erville
Stage management: Vanessa Ramos
Costume design: Tammy Berlin
Lighting design: Gary Graves
Prop design: Debbie Shelley
Sound design: Gregory Scharpen

*member AEA

Bamboozled was developed in the Central Works Writers Workshop, and further refined in
script sessions with the following collaborators: Chelsea Bearce, Deb Fink, Victoria Evans
Erville, Gary Graves, Susan Jackson, Vanessa Ramos, Gregory Scharpen, Jeunée Simon, and
Jan Zvaifler.

Abby (Jeunée Simon), an “Antiques Roadtrip” appraiser
searching for her ancestors in Collierville, Tennessee,
faces a $1M lawsuit … and a possible indictment by the FBI.

Photo by J. Norrena

Opal Anne Hatchett (Susan Jackson) is accusing Abby of fraud.  As a member of the local chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy, she’ll have a sympathetic jury in Colliersville, TN.

Photo by J. Norrena

Rochelle (Stacy Ross*) and Savannah (Chelsea Bearce)
are Abby’s legal team, and contentious colleagues.

Photo by J. Norrena

All photos: ACT OUT Photography by Jim Norrena

* member AEA

Savannah (Chelsea Bearce) has had her license to practice law suspended; but cutting off her license has not cut off her good judgement.

Photo by J. Norrena

“Bamboozled is a winning play, with a bright cast and an entertaining and meaningful story.” E. Mendel, Berkeleyside

“A delightful evening’s entertainment…go see” M. Field, For All Events

“Bamboozled steals your heart” B. Horowitz, Theatrius

Bamboozled “is emphatically a comedy” L. Janiak, SF Chronicle Datebook

Sam Hurwitt interviews Patricia Milton in The Mercury News

Andrew Gilbert interviews Patricia Milton in The Monthly

“This tale of race and morality in modern America grips and provokes from beginning to end” V. Cordell, For All Events

“Funny, hectic and of the moment.” J. Robles, Repeat Performances

Read the script of Bamboozled

Confederate hero Nathan Bedford Forrest; a Confederate cavalry officer and founder of the KKK:
I ended the war a horse ahead.

Confederate statues in Memphis are removed by City Council (NY Times)
The Klan lives on…