2009 Season


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Written by Aaron Loeb & Geetha Reddy
Directed by Molly Aaronson-Gelb
Produced in: 2009

A Central Works Method Play developed in collaboration with Molly Aaronson-Gelb, Gary Graves, Gwen Loeb, Mick Mize, Kendra Lee Oberhauser, Cathleen Riddley, Gregory Scharpen & Jan Zvaifler.

blas•to•sphere (blas´t ə sfĕr) n. 1. a hollow ball of cells at an early stage of embryonic development.  2. a world of unrestrained hilarity.

Two-time Critics Circle award winner, Aaron Loeb (First Person Shooter, Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party), teams up with PlayGround and Playwrights Festival winner, Geetha Reddy (Safe House, Me Given You), in this riotous new take on the fertility industry.

WARNING:  This play uses explicit sexual language and thematic content to hilarious effect!

Gwen Loeb*
Mick Mize
Kendra Lee Oberhauser
Cathleen Riddley*
Jan Zvaifler

Costume design: Tammy Berlin
Lighting design: Gary Graves
Sound design: Gregory Scharpen
Stage management: Louel Señores
Production assistant: Regina Evans

* Member Actors’ Equity Association

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“blisteringly hysterical satire at close range” (Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet)

“Central Works is about to kick off its 20th season, and their method of creating plays seems to be working better than ever.” (Tim Bauer, Direct Address)

“Central Works well-cast world premiere, directed by Molly Aaronson-Gelb, never takes itself too seriously and thus gets the most from this playful but telling satire.” (Robert Avila, SF Bay Guardian)

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