2012 Season

Mesmeric Revelation

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Written and Directed by Aaron Henne
Produced in: 2012

A Central Works Method Play developed in collaboration with Theo Black, Gary Graves, Joe Jordan, Gregory Scharpen and Jan Zvaifler.

Mesmeric Revelation is the second production developed by Central Works with playwright/director Aaron Henne. This is a world premiere of  Henne’s new play inspired by a story from that master of the metaphysical, Edgar Allen Poe.

Paris is on the eve of the Revolution. The most learned men in the world gather at the Royal Academy of Science. Antoine Lavoisier, esteemed director of the Academy, leads an inquiry into the latest craze sweeping through French Society. The scandalous Dr. Anton Mesmer claims he can cure any patient of any illness by “mesmerizing them – placing them in a mysterious trance-like state. Can such a claim be proven scientifically? Antoine, the “Father of Modern Chemistry,” faces off against Anton, the “Wizard of Vienna,” in a fiery clash of science and mysticism.

Last year Henne’s journey into the surreal, A Man’s Home…an ode to Kafka’s Castle, prompted George Heymont of the Huffington Post to declare, “If you want theatre that pushes the creative envelope to the limits, don’t miss this show.” A new production of A Man’s Home opens at New York’s Bread and Water Theatre on February 24, concurrent with the premiere of Mr. Henne’s latest Central Works collaboration.

This production is made possible with the generous support of the Bernard Osher Foundation, Kenneth Rainin Foundation and Wilder Green Fund.


This play is available for licensing! Please contact us for details.

Antoine Lavoiser: Theo Black
Franz Anton Mesmer: Joe Jordan

Stage manager: Reg Clay
Costume design: Tammy Berlin
Lighting design: Gary Graves
Operator/sound design: Gregory Scharpen
Producing director: Jan Zvaifler

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Read the Poe story, Mesmeric Revelation.

Read about Mesmer’s treatments, like bathing in this tub filled with magnetized water, and further background information for the play on the Central Works Theater facebook page.

Mesmeromania, or, the Tale of the Tub (Cabinet, Spring 2006)