2010 Season

Penelope’s Odyssey

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Written by Gary Graves
Directed by John Patrick Moore
Produced in: 2010

A Central Works Method Play

Odysseus has been missing for ten years, ever since the end of the war.  His wife, Penelope, must choose a new husband. There are 50 suitors living in her house.  What is she weaving up in her room, night after night?  Who is the mysterious beggar that arrives at the house?  And why does Penelope’s daughter believe she is the son of Odysseus?  In a world of unpredictable gods and fantastic monsters, Penelope’s Odyssey weaves the tale of a woman left behind in the aftermath of a long war.

Developed in collaboration with Matt Lai, Terry Lamb, Leontyne Mbele-Mbong, John Patrick Moore, Gregory Scharpen & Jan Zvaifler .

This play is available for licensing! Please contact us for details.

Drama, 2M/2F

Matt Lai
Terry Lamb*
Leontyne Mbele-Mbong
Jan Zvaifler

Stage Manager:  Louel Senores
Costume Design:Tammy Berlin
Lighting Design: Gary Graves
Sound Design:Gregory Scharpen

*member Actors’ Equity Association

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“An absolutely riveting reinterpretation of Homer’s Odyssey from Penelope’s standpoint…this must-see production is another triumph from a company that is one of the Bay area’s best-kept secrets.” (George Heymont, Huffington Post)

“Right up to the final–and most stunning–scene, this backstory take on an original classic remains unpredictably wayward, intriguingly theatrical.”(Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet)

“Any serious theatregoer in the Bay Area would be a fool to miss this intelligently written and theatrically riveting production.” (George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape, October 25, 2010)

Extras coming soon!