2023 Season

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Julia Jackson, Ije Success, Juanita Harris, Brittany Nicole Sims & Brenda Miles in The Museum Annex, 2022 (photo: Robbie Sweeny)


written by Gary Graves
directed by Jan Zvaifler
Mar 18–Apr 23

World Premiere #70: a comedy about Machiavelli

*Mondragola: Italian for “The Love Root” (an aphrodisiac)

Things aren’t going so well for the man history knows as the author of The Prince, the infamous “Handbook for Tyrants.” He’s in exile and is writing farcical sex comedies to make ends meet. But a big break comes when he’s invited to present a new play at an elite soiree in Florence.  Little does he know, his play is merely bait to lure the Cardinal of Florence into an assassination plot…Politics, and playwriting, is a dangerous game!

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The Dignity Circle

a new scheme by Lauren Smerkanich
Jun 24–Jul 30

World Premiere #71: from the Central Works Writers Workshop

You deserve it … for a small fee

“What would you do if I handed you forty thousand dollars?”  That’s the question Angela poses to a gathering of women at an introductory Empowerment Session.  What she offers them is independence, community, fun, wealth, and perhaps above all, dignity…for a small fee. But what’s really going on in The Dignity Circle? This new work is a mystery wrapped up in a con-game.


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The Engine of Our Disruption

written by Patricia Milton
directed by Gary Graves
Oct 14–Nov 12

World Premiere #72: from the Central Works Writers Workshop

a new comedy about bad behavior

Artificial Intelligence meets Authentic Misconduct

Kamiri is the newly-hired Chief Ethics Officer (C-Eth-O) of a mega-tech company, BUBBLE, where Artificial Intelligence promises to open up a whole new world of technological possibilities. But then she discovers that Bubble is developing a new device intended to guide users in their day-to-day ethical decisions. What could possibly go wrong there?

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