Work Sample: Berkeley Civic Arts Grants Program

Caleb Cabrera in Into the Beautiful North by Karen Zacarías, 2016 (photo: Jim Norrena)


1) King of Cuba by Cristina García (2018)

Cristina Garcia’s stage adaptation from her novel of the same name.

The opening scene of the play: Cuban exile Goyo at the the firing range imagines he’s speaking to “El Comandante” as he takes aim.
Featuring Steve Ortiz as Goyo and bongocera Carlos Caro
Filmed by Jim Norrena, edited by Gregory Scharpen
Please play through.


2) The Human Ounce: an audio play by Nicole Parizeau (2020)

Opening scene between 2 museum curators (Champagne Hughes as Jory and Kimberly Ridgeway as Biz) as they consider whether unsavory news about a long dead artist is reason to “cancel” his artwork.
Engineering, editing, and audio design by Gregory Scharpen
Please play through 2:18: “…it’s not a Sackler donation!”