Work Sample: Fleishhacker Fdn

Rudy Guerrero* in Mondragola by Gary Graves; 2023

Audio Sample: 

The Human Ounce: an audio play by Nicole Parizeau (2021)

Kimberly Ridgeway (l) & Champagne Hughes (r)
photo: J. Norrena


The Human Ounce,
world-premiere #66, opened Central Works’ 30th anniversary season in 2020, but closed mid-run, just days before the Covid-19 shelter-in-place order.  The script was then adapted into an audio production.  This is the opening scene between 2 museum curators (Champagne Hughes as Jory and Kimberly Ridgeway as Biz) as they consider whether unsavory news about a long dead artist is reason to “cancel” his artwork.
Engineering, editing, and audio design by Gregory Scharpen


Video Sample:

The Lady Matador’s Hotel by Cristina García (2019)

Central Works’ world premiere #65: In the capital city of a Central American country just healing from a brutal civil war, everyone is captivated by the TV spiritualist, Parajita (Rudy Guerrero*). Here is a portion of her interview with the lady matador, Suki Palacios (Erin Mei-Ling Stuart), who is about to compete in the first competition of the Lady Matadoras of the Americas.
Costumes by Tammy Berlin. Recorded during the final performance by Jan Zvaifler
*member AEA