2018 Season

Chekhov’s WARD 6

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adapted by Gary Graves
Produced in: 2018

Nov 15, 16, 17 & 18!

World Premiere #61: a Central Works Method Play

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A classic tale of madness, alienation, and moral responsibility.

Written in 1892, Chekhov’s story is set in a shoddy provincial hospital in the remote backwoods of the Russian countryside.  Within the hospital, there is a special ward for the mentally insane, Ward 6.

Dr. Andrei Ragin is the director of the hospital, and the story concerns a strange friendship that develops between the doctor and Ivan, a remarkable inmate he encounters in the mental ward.  Ivan suffers from “persecution mania.”  But he opens the doctor’s eyes, and his heart, to the suffering and corruption going on all about.

Others in the hospital, however, begin to regard the budding friendship between Dr. Ragin and his newfound friend as an alarming development. And they undertake a radical course of treatment.

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drama, 5M/1F

Ed Berkeley
Richard Frederick (member AEA)
Carolina Morones

Adam Roy
Louel Señores
Don Wood

Stage management: Alandra Hileman
Costume design: Tammy Berlin
Lighting design: Gary Graves
Prop design: Debbie Shelley
Sound design: Gregory Scharpen

Chekhov’s WARD 6 is a Central Works Method Play, developed in collaboration with Ed Berkeley, Richard Frederick, Carolina Morones, Adam Roy, Louel Señores, Don Wood and Jan Zvaifler

Ivan (Ed Berkeley), an inmate of WARD 6, suffers from
“Persecution Mania.”  But does he really deserve
to be committed any more than anyone else?

Photo by J. Norrena

The other inmates of WARD 6, played by Carolina Morones, Don Wood & Louel Señores).

Photo by J. Norrena

Dr. Andrei Ragin (Richard Frederick*) develops an interest,
and then a friendship, with Ivan (Ed Berkeley), a remarkable inmate
he encounters in the mental ward.

Photo by J. Norrena

All photos: ACT OUT Photography

The mayor (front, Carolina Morones) puts together a commission (l-r: Ed Berkeley, Louel Señores, Don Wood & Adam Roy) to determine Dr. Ragin’s state of mind. They wonder if his friendship with an inmate of WARD 6 is a sign that he’s gone over the edge.

Photo by J. Norrena

Chekhov’s WARD 6 is a SF Chronicle Datebook “Theater Pick”

“Chekhov’s Ward 6–still critical & passionate” -R. Norby, Theatrius

“a transfixing experience” -N. Muñoz, Daily Cal

“a creepy WARD 6” -S. Hurwitt, Mecury News

Anton Chekhov by Osip Braz

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