Queen Mair

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written by Matthew Wells
directed by Gary Graves
Produced in:

Queen Mair has been canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

World Premiere #67

a new play inspired by King Lear

It’s ninety minutes before the start of the tale we’ve come to know as King Lear. The old king’s wife, Queen Mair, has asked her three daughters and their nurse to join her in her private bedchamber, to say farewell to the youngest, gentle Cordelia, whose hand is about to be given in marriage.

But there are other farewells to be taken, and painful secrets that must be revealed, before young Cordelia will be on her way.



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Given the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have determined that our wisest course of action is to terminate any further performances for this season.  If you have already purchased tickets and have not yet been contacted by us, please call 510.558.1381, or email to let us know whether you would like to exchange or donate your tickets, or to request a refund.

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Tamar Cohn: Nurse
Adrian Deane: Cordelia
Gwen Loeb*: Goneril
Rebecca Pingree: Regan
Jan Zvaifler: Queen Mair

Stage Management: Liora Jacob
Costume design: Tammy Berlin
Lighting design: Gary Graves
Prop design: Debbie Shelley
Sound design: Gregory Scharpen

*member AEA

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