NEA Work Sample

Sam Jackson in Project Ahab; or The Eye of the Whale, 2015


1) King of Cuba by Cristina GarcĂ­a (2018)
World Premiere #60
The opening scene of the play: Goyo at the the firing range.
Featuring Steve Ortiz as Goyo and bongocera Carlos Caro
Filmed by Jim Norrena, edited by Gregory Scharpen
Please play from :03 through 2:03

3) Ada and the Memory Engine by Lauren Gunderson (2015)
World Premiere #49
Ada Lovelace (Kathryn Zdan*) is brought to the home of the famous mathematician, Charles Babbage (Kevin Clarke*) in the hope of finding a suitable spouse.
Filmed and edited by Peter Ruocco
Please play from 2:43 “Well done, sir…” through 3:34 (end of scene). Continue on to learn about the Central Works Method

*members AEA