Wattis Work Sample

Sam Jackson in Project Ahab; or The Eye of the Whale, 2015

Video Sample:

The Lady Matador’s Hotel by Cristina García (2019)

Central Works’ world premiere #65: In the capital city of a Central American country just healing from a brutal civil war, everyone is captivated by the TV spiritualist, Parajita (Rudy Guerrero*). Here is a portion of her interview with the lady matador, Suki Palacios (Erin Mei-Ling Stuart), who is about to compete in the first competition of the Lady Matadoras of the Americas.
Recorded during the final performance by Jan Zvaifler
Please play through.


1) King of Cuba by Cristina García (2018)
The opening scene of the play: Goyo at the the firing range.
Featuring Steve Ortiz as Goyo and bongocera Carlos Caro
Filmed by Jim Norrena, edited by Gregory Scharpen
Please play through

2) Into the Beautiful North by Karen Zacarías (2016)

After being arrested while trying to cross the Mexican border into the US, then taken for an Al Qaeda terrorist, Tacho (Rudy Guererro*) seeks solace in a Tijuana bar, where he meets Rigoberto (Ben Ortega).
Filmed by Vanessa Ramos
Please play through



3) Ada and the Memory Engine by Lauren Gunderson (2015)

Ada Lovelace (Kathryn Zdan*) is brought to the home of the famous mathematician, Charles Babbage (Kevin Clarke*) in the hope of finding a suitable spouse.
Filmed and edited by Peter Ruocco
Please play from 2:43 “Well done, sir…” through 3:34 (end of scene). Continue on through 4:35 to learn about the Central Works Method

*members AEA